Profound Frippery for The Project Grace Foundation

What is Profound Frippery? Profound Frippery is our name for all of the pieces we create and sell to support The Project Grace Foundation. This includes our “Gracie’s Tribe” bracelets, “Rescued Threads” wrap jewelry, vintage cloisonné and kalamkari candle bracelet stands, “t” shirts, Kalamkari decorative non burning candles and our stationary. Why Frippery? Well, because it really is just all that…..adornment, ornament, decoration. Why profound? Because 100% of the gross profit from the sale of a Profound Frippery piece goes to The Project Grace Foundation. The Project Grace Foundation donates these monies to organizations that support advancements in education, the arts, advocacy and independence for individuals with intellectual and developmental differences.To learn more about our mission or to purchase something from our Profound Frippery collection please contact Martha Flaherty at or phone or text 414-248-6898.

Vintage Cloissone and Kalamkari Candle Bracelet Stands 
Kalamakari Candles
A sample of our Profound Frippery Stationary
Our  Wrap Jewelry….Depending on your mood, necklace, bracelet or belt.

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