Mark Berman & Son, Kinross Cashmere Trunk Show

Are you ready for some elegant/cozy with a side fabulous frippery? The Project Grace Foundation and Gracie’s Tribe Bracelets are excited to be the featured accouterment at the Kinross Cashmere Trunk Show, September 6-8.  Treat yourself to the feel and flair of this incredible cashmere and get a peek at some of our new autumn accessories. Please join us at Mark Berman & Son, 11920 N. Port Washington Road, Mequon, WI. 53092. Hope to see you there!


One is a refined statement but, who can stop at just one? Two or more become an “armscape”. Color, texture, line, shape, form, value, pattern, balance, space, contrast, emphasis, proportion, rhythm and harmony all on one or both wrists. Create your own wrist work of art. Feast your eyes on a few that other tribe members created this summer. Don’t forget to text, call, email or stop by to start or add to your “armscape”.

 A little arm candy too!

Summer Reflections.

It’s the end of August? Where did the time go? Hopefully some of it went to just you! Whether you could read more, stay up later, got together with friends or family or just lounged or moved more, whatever you put your summer into I hope it was beautiful, restful, love filled, moving, enlightening, comfortable or all shook up in all of the above ways.  Let’s pick up that shaker, pour it into something smart and toast. To Summer, to extra time even it’s it just a little bit, in reverence to nature, to recognize and rejoice, to getting outside, to longer spans of sunlight, to less traffic or more traffic if you live in a resort area, to trees that “touch your eyes green”, to all of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings that are summer, we toast you and we thank you.

This summer TPGF and Gracie’s Tribe had a whole lot of fun getting into experimenting with larger beads. At first, using larger stones seemed a bit too heavy for summer months and frankly, for the materials themselves. So, we decided to do a bit of playing around. Lighter, brighter and lots of fun. Our new bracelet line is not just for summer it’s a design direction that uses vintage celluloid, bakelite, lucite, acrylic and all the other names used to describe early plastics. It’s a move in a more repurposed and vintage direction. These beads rock a really great vibe.  Light on the wrist, larger in scale, more of a statement, beautiful and rarer. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

During these last days of summer, first days of school and in anticipation of the most colorful time year, may your “eyes be touched green”, and your lives be layered with all sorts of color and wonderfulness, (oh, and don’t forget to rock your wrists).

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Rockin and repurposing it forward, MG

Gracie’s Tribe bracelets…..Profound Frippery

What a wonderful word, “frippery”. Some might consider frippery an old fashioned term and its definitions as having negative connotations but I see it more as a delightful way of describing the essence of Gracie’s Tribe bracelets. We take something that was once loved and well used and reimagine into a fun, perhaps a bit unnecessary or frivolous,  at times “a little too elegant”, if there is such a thing and always ready to add more of or mix and match with other favorite frippery. We love that with age comes the intrinsic goodness of imperfection. A little wear here, a bit of tarnish there we believe these nuances are the lasting aspects of beauty.  I like to think that Gracie’s Tribe bracelets are “profound frippery”. Behind each bracelet is our mission to “rock it forward”. One hundred percent of the profit from the sale of a Gracie’s Tribe bracelet goes to The Project Grace Foundation. The Project Grace Foundation donates these profits to other organizations working to advance, enrich and otherwise nourish the lives of individuals rocking intellectual and neuro-developmental differences. So, won’t you join us in rocking one or more of our always interesting, ever passionate, Gracie’s Tribe bracelets?   Love, rocks, and rescued regalia, the stuff that Profound Frippery is made of.

How do you rock your wrist?

Celebrate wristivus festivus!!!

Do you prefer the quiet single, the short stack of three, the full stack of five? Or are you a double wrister, a mixed wrister adding to your other favorite jewelry pieces or the all out seven or more, go big or go home wrister? Any way you rock ’em we love to see you enjoying your Project Grace bracelets. Thank you Gracie’s Tribe members for supporting our mission and making the world a more beautiful, positive place for us all. Check out some of the fabulous wrists we’ve spotted and feel free to send photos for us to share of how you rock your wrist. Rockin’ it forward, MG

Project Grace Foundation

Shout Out to Big Sky Eagle Mount

Before the ski season ends I’d like to make sure I send a BIG thank you to Arnie, Sue, Chad, Sarah and everyone at Eagle Mount’s Big Sky adaptive ski program. What a fabulous group of the most positive, enthusiastic, encouraging, supportive and every other affirmative adjective you can think of, people we’ve ever come across. You all made Grace’s/our vacation. We didn’t know if she could do it, if she’d enjoy it, if, if, if but you rocked her world and she’s now added skier to her range of talents. Thank you all for all you do and  especially for expanding Grace’s world.
Keep rockin’ it forward, MG

Click here to check out their website:

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Eagle Mount Eagle Mount Eagle Mount Eagle Mount Eagle Mount

As Featured in M Magazine

Hot-cha-cha! Check out The Project Grace Foundation bracelets in the February 2018 issue of M Magazine. Lovin the laid back stack with the flirty formal dress on page 43. These and other Project Grace bracelets can be found at Faye’s in Mequon and Brookfield. You can also email me directly at
Rockin it forward, MG

projectgracefoundationn/m magazine

Welcome to The Project Grace Foundation

The Project Grace Foundation
The Project Grace Foundation supports innovative advancements in education, advocacy and independence for the neuro developmentally diverse population.  100% of proceeds from all bracelet sales are donated.

The Project Grace FoundationThe Project Grace Foundation

Why we love Gigi’s Playhouse!

Gigi's Playhouse

How I Learn

At GiGi’s Playhouse, we see potential, ability, and possibility. We educate, inspire, and believe. We celebrate uniqueness and we shout out to the world so everyone knows how AWESOME Down syndrome is! ​

Maybe you know a family member, a student, a neighbor, a classmate with Down syndrome, or maybe you have Down syndrome yourself- we want to share some of our tools for learning and communication so you pass it on! ​

For more info about Gigi’s Playhouse please visit their website:

For more info about Gigi’s Playhouse please visit their website:

Woman’s Club of Wisconsin Holiday Boutique

The Project Grace Foundation

The Project Grace Foundation

We were honored to have participated in the Woman’s Club of Wisconsin annual holiday boutique shopping event.
We were delighted by the warm welcome we received from the club members.

The Project Grace Foundation The Project Grace Foundation